Security, Privacy and Property Protection

Glass Protection for Peace of Mind

Ace Clear Inc. sells and installs a variety of polyester glass-coating products designed to improve the safety and security of your glass.

People use glass because it’s thin, lightweight, and see-through. Unfortunately, these same qualities can cause problems when we use it. Thieves and vandals can smash windows. Rocks can smash car headlights. And the window that lets in summer sunshine can also compromise your privacy, safety, and security.

Ace Clear Inc. helps you get the best out of your glass. Our major products include:

  • Security Laminates — virtually invisible polyester coatings for window and door glass. Properly applied and anchored, they turn vulnerable glass into a break-in resistant barrier. Did you know that professional thieves can complete a break-in in two minutes—faster than your alarm company can respond? Our security laminates delay entry during those precious moments that it takes for help to arrive.
  • Safety Films — virtually invisible polyester coatings that are applied to protect glass when accidental breakage is the main concern
  • Tinting Films — coloured window films used to reduce heat and glare
  • Decorative Vinyls — decorative coatings to create privacy and increase the visual interest of glass surfaces

Cost-Effective Glass Protection
Many customers tell us that our products pay for themselves. The 1-R insulation factor helps to reduce heating bills. The 98-99% UV reduction protects carpets, drapes, and furniture from fading. And the glass-containment properties of the coatings eliminate the costs of boarding, and greatly reduce glass clean-up costs, if a window does get broken. All this in addition to the phenomenal burglar-blocking protection provided by the security laminate products!

All our glass coating products can be installed on new or existing glass. For 15 – 20 minutes of your time, you can receive a FREE, no-obligation estimate and find out how affordable these superior products really are.

Contact Ace Clear Inc. today to arrange for your free estimate.