Security, Privacy and Property Protection


One building block at a time—that’s how home and commercial property security is achieved. The secret is to use high quality security products. If used together, good locks, alarm systems, and properly anchored glass protection will increase the security of your home, business, or commercial/industrial site.

Below are some quality links to Alberta businesses and other sites that offer home, commercial, and industrial security products and information.
Bike Security System from Pinhead Components Inc. – This patented bike security system eliminates the need to individually lock up (or remove and carry) your seat, wheel, etc. each time you leave your bike in a public place. The install-once-and-forget-about-it locking system keeps thieves from stealing your components—yet you can easily remove them whenever you want to. And it’s far safer than quick-release!

Bolt Security Systems – Established in 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta, Bolt is the largest family-owned security and alarm system provider in the Province. With over thirty System Specialists on staff, Bolt offers high-quality, cutting-edge security technology.

Price-Langevin and Associates Inc. – an independent, full-service, professional Security Management, Consulting, Investigative, and Technical Security firm. The highly experienced staff at Price-Langevin and Associates Inc. provide consulting services and technology implementations related to Investigations and Security.