Security, Privacy and Property Protection

Decorative Vinyls

Decorative vinyls enhance the beauty of your windows and provide extra privacy, without the expense of replacing windows with frosted or etched glass. Decorative vinyls are ideal for:

  • door glass & sidelights
  • windows
  • French doors
  • pantry doors
  • glass cupboards

Decorative vinyls are suitable for both residential and retail/commercial spaces. They create privacy while allowing light to enter, and can be less expensive than bulky curtains. The films are available in over 100 attractive patterns and in frosted and stained-glass styles. Privacy was never so beautiful!

Atlantis Mosaic Pattern
Atlantis Mosaic
Decorative Vinyl Film
Clear Cut Glass Flowers Pattern
Clear Cut Glass Flowers
Decorative Vinyl Film
Etched Rose Pattern
Clear Etched Rose
Decorative Vinyl Film
Clear Feathered Pattern
Clear Feathered
Decorative Vinyl Film
Crystal Ice Chip Pattern
Clear Crystal Ice Chip
Decorative Vinyl Film
Stained Glass Dove Pattern
Stained Glass Dove
Decorative Vinyl Film

All our decorative films are easy to clean and require no maintenance. Even though they’ll adhere perfectly to any glass surface, they’re easily removed by professionals if you ever tire of them. Some of our current decorative vinyl patterns are shown at right.

Please note that decorative vinyls don’t give glass the same degree of protection that safety films and security laminates do. However, decorative patterns can be installed over our safety films and security laminate products to provide a combination of glassbreak protection and visual beauty/privacy.

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