Security, Privacy and Property Protection


Here are a few of the people and companies that we’ve helped with our security laminate window coatings:

Superior to Security Bars
“…We felt that this product would provide the best available protection for our building and visually was far superior to installing bars. I would recommend to anyone that the Ace Clear Inc. window security film is, in my opinion, the best product for window security.”
-EBA Engineering, Edmonton, AB

No Fading or Peeling
“I would like to send you a late thank you for your excellent service when we moved to our new location….I was expecting the film to fade or come away from the edges after a while in the hot sun. Well it has been two years and they look as good as the day they were done…”
-Laser Tech Video and Sound, Leduc, AB

Would-Be Thieves Were Deterred
“…In the fall of the year, just after installation, we were away for the weekend and on return there were footprints in the snow beside the windows, which had been treated. There was no invasion but we feel that the sticker placed on the door, in direct eyesight was the deterring factor. A great investment. Thanks Ace.”
-Scott Murdock, Edmonton, AB

Film Protects Possessions From Fading
“…We noticed that the product showed absolutely no wear and tear since the installation and that we still cannot see the film, our windows have stayed perfectly clear, no yellowing, chipping or peeling. We also noticed an effect on our rugs, floor and other object in that they have not faded or shown any UV damage…Over the winter we found a 10% drop in our heating bill as a result of the increased insulation factor and even the harsh winter and rapid changes in temperature over the spring and summer have not had any effect on your product. Your installation and service were impeccable and we thank you very much for your thorough follow up and continued interest….”
-Ted and Lori Greer, Sherwood Park, AB

Product Lives Up to its Promises
“…We installed a state of the art electronic and monitored security alarm in every area of the building…Well, only six months into our new building, someone took a large concrete block and threw it….and although the alarm went off and the police were on their way, they still had five or ten minutes inside out building during which time they stole computers and generally ransacked the areas they entered. We were devastated. We felt violated! It took several days to get our office back to our normal efficiency level. I then decided I had to do more than just have a security system…I wanted to know if it would work in conjunction with our “glass break” security detectors to also let the sirens start whaling and summon the police while the thief was trying to claw his way through this unbelievably strong clear plastic film…so I arranged a demonstration…and I personally threw a large stone as hard as I could through it and the stone literally bounced back at me and the window was not penetrated…noise of the shattering glass did set off the “glass break” …sirens started and the call to the police was therefore placed. I was satisfied and had all of our windows then covered with Ace Clear Inc. Everything Rick and Beth Simpson promised during the sale of this product and installation to us was lived up to 100% and I am very happy I made this decision.”
-Groupex, Edmonton, AB