Security, Privacy and Property Protection


“Tints”, also known a “solar films” or “tinting films”, are coloured window films that are installed to reduce heat and solar glare. When you’re looking for sun protection, tinting existing windows is a far more cost-effective solution than buying new tinted glass.

Tinting films are useful in residential and commercial building renovations. Not only do tints block glare, they help create a unified color scheme for the structure.

Ace Clear Inc.’s tinting films provide superior visibility with minimal (4%) visual distortion. They will not discolour or peel. Solar heat reduction of up to 78% can be achieved, making the films ideal for windows facing the hot summer sun. In addition to reducing solar glare, tint films will:

* add a 1R insulation rating
* rejects 98% of the harmful UV rays, protecting people from UV exposure and saving carpets and furniture from fading and sun damage
* some tints will create semi-privacy in the daytime, because of exterior light reflectance

Ace Clear Inc. sells and installs window tints in a variety of colors. To find out more about our range of tint colors, please contact Ace Clear Inc.. All our tint films are warranted against discolouration, peeling, cracking, and delaminating.

Note: solar tinting films don’t give glass the same degree of break protection as safety films and security laminates. If you’re looking for protection against accidental or deliberate glass breakage, our tint films can be installed on top of our safety films or security laminates for comprehensive protection.

More questions? Please see Tips for Buying Safety & Security Window Coatings and Tints